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When seeking a divorce, there are a few legal requirements that must be met in order to finalize the proceedings. Iowa is a "no-fault" state, which means that a spouse seeking a divorce does not have to prove that the other spouse caused the marriage to fail. In order to file for divorce, one of the spouses must have been a state resident for at least one year, and must complete a 90-day waiting period before the divorce becomes final.

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At Hill Law Firm, we extensive experience representing clients across the state who wish to dissolve their marriage. With compassion, discretion, and personalized attention, our firm prepares a thorough case on each client's behalf in order to finalize the divorce as quickly and peacefully as possible. By hiring our firm, you can focus on getting back to as normal of a life as possible. We fill out and submit all of the necessary paperwork and advocate for your rights and best interests in and out of the courtroom.

We handle all aspects of divorce cases including but not limited to:

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No matter where you live in Iowa, we are available to travel in order to meet with you individually to discuss the details of your case. With unmatched legal support, you can be confident that by hiring our Des Moines family law attorney at Hill Law Firm, your divorce will be handled professionally.

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