What Is Collaborative Law?

How a Skilled Family Lawyer Can Help You

Unlike traditional approaches to divorce, collaborative law allows a couple to reach the final terms of the divorce with the help of attorneys outside of the courtroom. This method saves time, money, and emotional energy, allowing a divorcing couple to reach closure much more quickly and get back to living life as normally as possible. With collaborative law, it is possible to end your marriage, divide property, determine custody and agree on spousal support and child custody both civilly and amicably.

A collaborative divorce is characterized by the following factors:

  • No court documents are filed until the collaborative process is complete
  • Attorneys on both sides must be trained in collaborative law
  • Both parties must agree on all aspects of the process including attorney fees, confidentiality, disclosure of information, etc.
  • Either party may consult professionals such as financial advisors or therapists in order to aid the process and decision making

Looking For an Alternative to Court Litigation? Hill Law Firm PLC is Ready to Help.

As your legal advocate, our Des Moines collaborative law attorney guides you through the process and helps you align your goals with your priorities as you and your spouse control the outcome of your divorce together. We help both spouse resolve property division issues, debt and tax matters, child support, visitation, and custody issues, spousal support, and more.

Trust in Our Knowledgable Attorney

If you are seeking a divorce and would like to avoid court litigation, our highly skilled collaborative law divorce attorney in Des Moines is available 24/7 to speak with you. We offer individual consultations based on your family's needs and your case is always handled by our experienced professional and never a legal assistant or paralegal.

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